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Sweet Pea

The Sweet Pea Room - for children aged 10 to 18 months

Babies are welcomed into this room from ten months of age, into a homely and family like environment with carefully selected equipment designed with your child in mind.

Constant movement is how children learn to develop coordination of the body and brain. We make use of specialised equipment that will enable your child to acquire life skills through a wide range of carefully planned actions and experiences.

Children in this room will be exposed to activities and sensory resources appropriate to their age and stage, as they naturally learn through discovery and play. Activities such as sand, water, messy play and treasure baskets will be accessible throughout the day.

Dr Montessori was a strong believer that children need to be exposed to real life natural objects. Inspired by this theory Elinor Goldschmied developed treasure baskets giving the children the opportunity to play and explore with natural objects.

The overall aim of the activities in this room will: 

-  Encourage children to use their senses
-  Practice and refine their motor skills and hand-eye coordination
-  Develop attention and concentration span
-  Make simple choices and develop preferences

Children in this room will get to enjoy our secure and safe garden with a range of activities that replicate and expand on the indoor environment.

We understand that diet has a major impact on your child. Staff will work in partnership with parents to ensure dietary requirements are met and support is given during weaning and introduction to new foods.

Your child will be allocated a key person; ensuring consistency of care and allows the child to form attachments and feel secure whilst away from home. The key person will work in partnership with parents to follow and understand your child’s routine and give daily feedback.

The classroom has been specifically designed to encourage the refinement of the senses and motor skills; through these we are able to begin introducing the early Montessori materials and activities. This classroom marks the true beginning of your child’s journey through to independence.

The toddlers have an indoor gym and will also have regular access to the outdoor area mirroring the indoor environment.


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